Investment Projects

Investment Strategy

AURC closely adheres to the principles of reliability, trustworthiness and professionalism whenworking with business leaders, government officials and real estate developers to identify projects suitable for the EB-5 program. To accomplish this, we structure the investment to be as secure as possible and work with experienced industry experts in the fields of immigration law, regional center operations, securities law and economic modeling.

In-depth due diligence is also performed on every potential project to ensure that the business venture meets our strict and selective screening process. Qualifying projects may be business ventures that are associated with job creation, such as real estate based projects or manufacturing. Real estate projects include hotels, senior care facilities, hospitals, education-related structures, retail centers, office buildings and apartments.

Additionally, AURC employs a meticulous approach to design each project to meet the following priorities:

  • Execute the business plan to enable the EB-5 investors to obtain permanent residency without conditions
  • Return the EB-5 capital to the investors in a timely fashion

Investment Management

Once a project passes our screening process and AURC proceeds with structuring and executing the EB-5 investment, AURC utilizes a systematic approach to manage the investment from its inception all the way until each EB-5 investor receives both permanent residency and the return of their investment. Key points of the systematic approach include safeguards we put in place to maintain control over the project during the term of the investment, and a simple economic methodology to ensure the project creates the required number of jobs.

In brief, our investment management philosophy can be summarized by the following objectives:

  • Minimize the risk of failing to execute the business plan through strict project supervision
  • Maximize the certainty of a successful permanent residence application through simple job creation methodology
  • Maximize the successful return of EB-5 investor capital

Investment Region

While AURC sources investment opportunities suitable for the EB-5 program in locations all over the US, our primary geographical focus is on projects located in the states of Washington and Oregon, both part of the Pacific Northwest. The Pacific Northwest is an economically vibrant area that encompasses regions of both the US and Canada and includes the international cities of Vancouver, Seattle and Portland. Some of the major industries in the Pacific Northwest include:

  • Real estate
  • Healthcare
  • Manufacturing
  • Tourism and hospitality
  • Mining
  • Shipping

Washington and Oregon are also home to some of the world largest companies, such as Microsoft, Starbucks,, Costco, Nike and Columbia Sportswear. Well-known for its pristine environment, scenic surroundings and a highly educated population, Seattle and Portland routinely top lists of the best cities to live in North America.Just a few of the many well-known institutions of higher education in the Pacific Northwest include:

  • Washington State University
  • Seattle University
  • Gonzaga University
  • University of Oregon
  • Oregon State University
  • Portland University
  • Portland State University
  • Reed College